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Tutorial - How to Convert Audio to MP3?

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MP3 is the most common audio format to use on portable audio players/media applications. So if you have some audio files that are not usable for your purposes, converting them to MP3 may be the most efficient solution. All2MP3 for Windows can help you convert any audio to MP3 for universal usage.

Step 1. Add Audio

After launching All2MP3 for Windows, click "Add" - "Add Files" / "Add Folder" / "Add Folder Tree" to add audio files. After that, you can use "Up" & "Down" to change conversion sequence or use "Remove"/"Clear" to delete them from the list.

Add Audio

Step 2. Specify Output Settings

Choose one conversion type ("Presets" or "Codec") from "Settings Type". If you choose "Presets", a list of quality presets will be listed in "Presets" and choose the one you need. Then click "Browse" to choose an output folder or check "Same as source" to save them in the source folder. You are also allowed to adjust codec settings with "Codec Options" and to specify effects and filter settings with "Filters".

Specify Output Settings

Step 3. Start Conversion

Click "Start" to start your audio conversion. When it is finished, click "Open" to find the converted files directly.

Start Conversion

More Functions

More advanced tools may suit your needs completely:

You can trim audio by using "Trim" or rip audio from CD in "CD Ripper" tab;

Click "Tag" to edit audio tag including artist, album, performer, genre, date, etc.;

Click "Settings" and you will find more features: General, Encoding, Artwork & Tags, ReplayGain, File Adding, CD Ripper and Interface.

More Functions

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