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Tutorial - How to Convert MKV to MP4 on Mac?

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What is MKV

Lately, more and more groups, even in the fansub scene, are starting to use MKV, a multimedia container format also known as Matroska. MKV is an open standard project. This means for personal use it is absolutely free to use and that the technical specifications describing the bitstream are open to everybody, even to companies that would like to support it in their products. The source code of the libraries developed by the Matroska Development Team is licensed under GNU L-GPL. In addition to that, there are also free parsing and playback libraries available under the BSD license, for commercial software and hardware adoption. MKV video is not playable on many devices like iPhone and Xbox, so professional MKV Player is a must-have to enjoy MKV video files.

Why Convert MKV to MP4

There is no gainsaying that people often have the problems like cannot play MKV videos on iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox, etc. or edit them in some video editing software. Even sometimes MOV files just can't be played on your QuickTime or there is the sound but no picture. However, MP4 is the most popular video formats for phones, tablets and other devices. To diminish those problems, you can count on All2MP4 for Mac to convert MKV to MP4. It helps convert various types of videos to MP4 on your Mac like a breeze with its user friendly interface.

Step 1. Input Video

Once you have finished launching All2MP4 for Mac, click "Open" and in the popped up window choose the video file you want to convert, then click "Open" to load the video in the program window.

Input Video

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Now, choose "MP4" as the output format from the list of video profiles in the dropdown menu of "Please choose a profile". You can quickly find the format needed by inputting the format in the box of "Search profile".

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Video Conversion

When all settings are ready, click "Convert" to start your video conversion. After the process, click "Open" to find the output video file named as "xxx_1.mp4" in the source folder. More than that, there are some other advanced tools available: cut video, add overlay image/text to video and specify the value of volume and echo.

Start Video Conversion

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