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Tutorial - How to Convert WMV to MP4 on Mac?

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What is WMV

WMV is short for Windows Media Video. It was developed by Microsoft upon non-standard version of MPEG-4. But as WMV was standardized as an independent SMPTE standard and is considered to be a unique format now. The video stream is often combined with an audio stream of Windows Media Audio. WMV deals with all types of video content. The advantage of the format it that it allows to compress large video files yet retaining considerably high quality. On-line radio stations use this format to deliver continuous flow of data. WMV is similar to ASF (Advanced Systems Format). In fact, WMV is often packed into ASF and the resulting file can be named .wmv or .asf. WMV can also be put in AVI container.

Why Convert WMV to MP4

Though WMV is a quite hot video format developed by Microsoft, it seems to be a pesky video format for Apple users. Thus, what will do if you want to play WMV files on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or other Apple products? You will need to convert WMV to an Apple supported format like MP4 first. All2MP4 for Mac just comes in handy that it is not only a WMV to MP4 converter, but also a video converter that can convert most video formats with high quality and super-fast conversion speed.

Step 1. Input Video

Once you have finished launching All2MP4 for Mac, click "Open" and in the popped up window choose the video file you want to convert, then click "Open" to load the video in the program window.

Input Video

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Now, choose "MP4" as the output format from the list of video profiles in the dropdown menu of "Please choose a profile". You can quickly find the format needed by inputting the format in the box of "Search profile".

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Video Conversion

When all settings are ready, click "Convert" to start your video conversion. After the process, click "Open" to find the output video file named as "xxx_1.mp4" in the source folder. More than that, there are some other advanced tools available: cut video, add overlay image/text to video and specify the value of volume and echo.

Start Video Conversion

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