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Tutorial - How to Convert YouTube to WMA on Mac?

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What is WMA

WMA is short for Windows Media Audio. Microsoft created this lossy format to compete with MP3. There are multiple versions of WMA, including WMA Pro, a lossy codec that supports high-res audio; WMA Lossless, a lossless codec that compresses the audio without losing quality; and WMA Voice, a lossy codec meant for applications that support voice playback.

Why Convert YouTube Video to WMA

Have you found some great audio on YouTube but wished you could listen to it on your music player at your leisure time? In that case, you need to convert the YouTube video to WMA or other audio formats. With AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac, the process will be easier than ever and not only YouTube videos but also videos from any other websites can be converted into wanted formats effortlessly.

Step 1. Paste YouTube Video URL

Once AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac has been launched, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download and paste it in the box of "Paste Your Video URLs below". If there is the need to batch download YouTube videos, just paste their URLs (one link per line) in the box.

Paste YouTube Video URL

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Click "Options - Audio" and you will find a list of audio formats from the menu of "Audio Format", then choose "WMA" as the output format.

Choose Output Format

Step 3. Start Conversion

When all settings are done, just click "Download" to start the process of YouTube video download and conversion.

To fulfill your other needs, these advanced tools below can be helpful:

Playlist: download video playlist and set max download;
Output: options for output file name (ASCII, ID, Title);
Subtitles: download subtitle file by language/all available subtitles/automatic subtitle file;
Filesystem: open destination folder, write description to file, write thumbnail to disk, etc.;
Shutdown: choose to shutdown computer when conversion is finished;
Authentication: password and username inputting for video sharing websites or videos;
Connection: use proxy for connection;
Localization: choose localization language.

Start Conversion

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