Best WAV to MP3 Converter for Mac 2017

There are many ways to convert WAV to MP3 and what you can do is pick the best for you. There are several things should consider when choosing a WAV to MP3 converter Mac: you need to decide if you want to download and install a program to do this; if you want to use an online WAV to MP3 Converter, you should consider your network condition; choose a method that requires no expertise if you are inexperienced; do not pay for anything when there are enough options to do a casual job.


Here I’m going to introduce several ways to convert WAV to MP3 on Mac and share some experience with you about the best WAV to MP3 Converter Mac I’ve used.


Convert WAV to MP3 with iTunes


Mostly, iTunes is installed on your Mac and if you don’t have time to look for a more proper tool to convert your WAV, iTunes will do. This method is also working Windows users because iTunes is cross-platform.

*Open iTunes, go to “Preferences – General – Import Settings”;

*In the “Import Using” menu, choose “MP3 Encoder”;

*Choose the bitrate as needed;

*Click “OK”, exit “Preferences”, and open the WAV files that need to be converted in iTunes;

*Choose the added WAV files and go to “Advanced – Create MP3 Version”. iTunes starts conversion;

*After conversion, go find your MP3 files in your iTunes directory.


Convert WAV to MP3 with iTunes


To be honest, using iTunes to convert WAV to MP3 is not a brilliant idea because for most users, it’s very inconvenient. iTunes is not born for conversion. You can easily find other options so avoid using iTunes to convert if possible.


Use the Best WAV to MP3 Converter Mac


Here I’m gonna recommend an audio converter that I’ve used for years – All2MP3 for Mac. It’s the best WAV to MP3 Converter Mac and one of the easiest and fastest among all the Mac audio converters. Alright, cut the chitchat and let’s see how it works and why I recommend it.


Use the Best WAV to MP3 Converter Mac


*First, download it from and install it if you still don’t have it;

*Launch All2MP3, drag the WAV files in;

*Choose the sound quality and output path if needed (or you can skip this step by using the default settings);

*Click “Convert” and wait for a while. When it’s finished, you’ll get your MP3 files in the output folder.


Download All2MP3 for Mac


See? It does not ask you to do unnecessary stuff. There are many similar products out there but All2MP3 is always my favorite because it’s free, small, easy and fast. It does not come with bells and whistles but always gets the job done well.

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