AllYoutube2MP3 for Windows FAQ

Q: How can I get better sound downloaded?

A: YouTube does not host MP3 Files so all the music it provides is video. If the resulting sound quality of AllYoutube2MP3 for Windows is not satisfying, you can try to maximize the video quality to download. On the YouTube page, you can play the video and choose the higher quality before download to check if the sound quality is acceptable.


Q: I can see or download YouTube music abroad. What can I do?

A: The most possible reason for this is regional restriction. We suggest you use a proxy or VPN to get connected. Then as usual, you can use AllYoutube2MP3 for Windows to download your YouTube music.

Q: Can I use AllYoutube2MP3 for Windows on my smart phones?

A: AllYoutube2MP3 for Windows hasn’t provided a portable version yet. But it may come available in the near future.


Q: Why is the download speed getting slower when I start the download?

A: YouTube’s servers will send data much faster on video startup, but it will slow down to reduce the network burden. So basically you can do nothing about it because it’s limited by YouTube.


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