All2MP3 for Windows FAQ

Q: I’ve got a WMV music video and I want to play it on my iPod. What should I do?

A: If want to watch this music video on iPod, you can convert it to MP4 formats to transfer it to your iPod; if you want to listen to the audio only on iPod, you should convert it to MP3.


Q: How do I change the name of the resulting files?

A: You cannot change the resulting file’s name until the conversion is finished. Just like you rename all the other files, use F2 or choose Rename on its context menu.

Q: How can I change the tag of my music?

A: After you input the audio files, you can select any of them and then click “Tags – Edit selected file’s tags” to edit it, then click “Save”. There are also two other options: “Edit custom tags” allows you to edit your own tags and add them to all listed files; “Edit merged file tags” will help you edit tags for the merged file.

Q: While I play some of the converted MP3 music in Flash player, they sound like a chipmunk singing. Why is that?

A: If you choose to convert your files with bitrate under 128kbps, All2MP3 will let LAME to encode them with a sample rate that Flash Player doesn’t support. So you may need choose higher bitrate to convert them again, or you can use other media players instead of Flash player.


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