AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac FAQ

Q: Accordion Panel

A: Those video contents originally come from and so far our YouTube download/converter programs do not support download/convert them.


Q: Where is the URL that I need to paste into AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac?

A: First, you should visit YouTube and click on the video you want to watch. Then, in the address bar on top of your web browser, you can see the URL we use to download this video. Just copy this URL and paste it into AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac.


Q: I kept getting error message when I tried to download Facebook video. Why?

A: Maybe you are visiting Facebook with secure browsing on. On Facebook page, go to “Account – Account Settings – Account Settings (again)” and disable “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible” under “Secure Browsing (https)” heading. Now you can try to download the video. However, when you are finished with downloading video from Facebook, we suggest you CHECK this option again because it’s much safer for you to browse Facebook.


Q: Can I paste multiple URLs to download?

A: Yes. All the pasted URLs will be listed in a queue and the video will be downloaded one after another.


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