The Answer to Your MP3 Prayers: AllYoutube2MP3 for MAC

These days we are addicted to information and entertainment. Although I personally don’t support this trend but I have observed that most of the people keep listening to songs and other forms of media on their phones, MP3 Players and iPods while they are traveling, jogging in the park or even in the break time at college or office.

Hence we can’t deny that the demand for storing a lot of media files is on the rise. While storing the media everyone wants to use less space on storage without compromising the quality of audio. These trends and user demands have motivated the programmers to develop such software that can help the people in this pursuit. The most initial format of such utilities came in the form of websites where we used to paste the link of video and wait for a few seconds or click on an advertisement to get the option of downloading that video from internet in limited number of formats provided by the website.


Online YouTube Downloader


Later on we started using famous downloading software like Internet Download Manager IDM and Download Accelerator Plus DAP to get the desired media from internet to our storage. With the passage of time various other utilities also came on the surface to achieve this purpose however it was always difficult to choose the right software without any bugs and dangers of hacking, spoofing and installation of malware on our dear machines.




These software were great but they had certain limitations. One of these limitations was the lack of ability to download the audio as a separate media file. These limitations were exploited by other dynamic software developers and a lot of software were launched in the market to cater the MP3 needs of the users.


Download Accelerator Plus DAP


However The best freeware that answers all the requirements of a media junkie are developed by a team of custom software developers at All2MP3 Inc. Their products are easy to use and help you get your favorite media without any hassle. The All2MP3 has successfully launched a wide range of software that serves the needs of Windows and MAC users. Their AllYoutube2MP3 for MAC has gained popularity and acceptance from MAC users around the world for its ease of use and performance. Let’s dig into this freeware and see what makes it so special.


Why MP3?


Although we have discussed a little about the compact size of MP3 and their effectiveness in saving storage space the question still arises why MP3 is the most wanted format these days? The answer lies in the ability of MP3 to keep the quality on audio intact for longer periods of time and cost effective options to burn a lot of MP3 songs on a single disk. MP3 can also be share on facebook and blogs more quickly than other formats. That’s why a lot of music lovers use MP3 players as a cheap and easy to carry device for listening music.

MP3 Player

What is AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac and what’s so special about it?


We can’t deny the fact that YouTube is the backbone of modern infotainment. Today’s demands of online entertainment count on YouTube as the leading source of information, tutorials, music and all that stuff which you might need for acquiring knowledge or simply to kill the boredom. Basically whatever irks your mind, there is a huge probability that you will find a relevant video for it on YouTube. However a problem pops up when you only want to listen to your entertainment or information such as music and vlogs but you don’t want to watch the video for whatever reason you might have. That’s where The AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac comes in.


YouTube Music


It has been designed with the sole purpose of allowing you to clip the audios of YouTube streams, videos and documentaries and save them in the desired format for later use. As it is pretty apparent from the name, it is made to help you save the audios in the MP3 format which saves a lot of space on your storage and allows you to keep all the desired audios without clogging your hard drive. Despite its simplicity it provides you with all the necessary features such as the ability to select audio quality as well as the format of the audio file. It provides you with a variety of audio formats which enables you to transfer your listening material to whatever device you want from your Mac.


AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac


AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac is a great tool for people who love their music in mp3 format because let’s face it YouTube isn’t always convenient especially when you are on your mobile devices, using YouTube can be pretty taxing on your battery life and nobody wants that.




AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac is an amazing tool for making your mp3 collection on your machine and its available in a free variant too which is like the best case scenario. There are also websites that provide the same service by picking up the audio from a video and then giving you a link to download the audio into mp3 format but they require you to provide your email address which often results in annoying spam on your email account.

With AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing happening to you as it is freeware software and you are not required to provide your email address or any other such information in exchange of downloading its copy for your mac.


Comparison with counterparts available in Market and Usage

There are literally hundreds of software available in the market that provide similar functionalities as AllYoutube2MP3 for mac however it has been tested that in terms of cost, efficiency, speed and overall ease of use – the freeware designed by All2MP3 has an edge over others. Till today no one has reported any malware or malicious attack initiated by this software which proves that it as a secure utility.

Steps to download an audio from YouTube are as below:

  • Paste the address of video in the specified tab and click the download button below.
  • If you want the freeware to deal with more than one video files then add multiple URLs in the tab and move to the next step to get a download in the form of a batch.
  • Select the output format and initiate the download.
  • The download progress will be shown to you and you’ll see the status of downloads as “Finished” once the download is completed.

Steps to download an audio from YouTube



Installation for the AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac freeware is a click and go process for anyone. You just have to go to their official site and click the download for Mac option which will start downloading the Setup right away. Run the downloaded file and follow the simple steps to install the program on your machine. You’ll be given the option to download some other software along with installation which you can deny. It won’t hinder your installation and you will be allowed to use all the features of AllYoutube2MP3 once the installation concludes. You can choose to have a desktop shortcut to access the software whenever you need.


Download AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac and Install


(Note: There is also a separate version for windows operating system so make sure that you download the Mac version for your Mac). After the installation is done it will be ready to use. The link for their official site is you require a basic machine for this software – it is light software which won’t overload your processor. I would like to mention that this freeware is not among those software which don’t allow you to uninstall them once you don’t need them anymore. The process of uninstalling the software is also simple and easy. You can simply drag it to bin on you mac to completely remove it from your machine.


Download AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac


User friendly interface and multifunctional abilities

AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac is much better than its counterparts in terms of output quality. It is easy to use software which is developed on the idea of user friendliness as a working theory. It is designed with special care so that anyone can use it without any trouble. Therefore you don’t have to be a computer geek to be able to use it for getting desired MP3 from Youtube. The software is not limited to clipping audios from the YouTube videos as you can also download the videos in such formats which can save space on your storage and help you watch your favorite content while you are not connected to internet.


Easy to use Interface

While using this software you won’t be bothered by annoying pop ups asking you to choose the right options neither it is cluttered by extra buttons to impede your flow. In simple words AllYoutube2MP3 gives you a soothing surge of confidence and you start using it like a pro, the day you get it loaded on your Mac. Trust me, even if you are a total newbie regarding such software you will not be intimidated by the interface at all.

When it comes to usability AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac leaves every other software of such genre behind. It’s just so convenient to use and its user friendly graphical user interface makes you feel good while you go on to stack your hard drive with your favorite MP3s. It gives you the option to save the media in the form of playlists which comes helpful if you are planning to burn an MP3 disk with your desired audios after getting them stored from the web servers of YouTube.

We also come across certain situations where it is not our priority to get a compressed version of desired media therefore AllYoutube2MP3 for mac allows us to download media in multiple formats. While choosing from a vast list of options we can decide the compromise between quality and size of media rather leaving the software choose at its own. It gives us more control over the output quality.

More Settings


The exciting options provided by this freeware make it very popular among the users. We can find out subtitles and download them along with media. Whether you are downloading the subtitles from YouTube or any other media hosting website, you’ll check the options that are available to help you in selecting the right subtitles for your media.

The simplicity of this software is as satisfying as popping the air bubbles on a big sheet of bubble wrap. To download the audio from a video, all you need to do is to copy the URL of the video and paste it in the “Paste URL” area in AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac and it will capture the video from there on you just have to select the format and quality of the video according to your liking and that’s it. You will have your MP3 file ready in seconds.

If you are not an English speaker you can choose your native language to customize it for your usage. If your language is not listed in the options the All2MP3 welcomes you to help them and get your language added in the list.

You can also choose the option to Shutdown your machine once your desired downloads are completed.



AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac is a great tool and it definitely gets thumbs up from me considering:

  1. The output quality is superb.
  2. The purpose built interface is impressive.
  3. It kind of becomes a necessary part of your software arsenal after you use it for a couple of days.
  4. It is linked with more than 300 media sharing websites so you are not limited to download media only from the Youtube.
  5. You don’t download it for a limited time period. The freeware comes with all the essential options for as long as you need it.



There are a few niggles that come with AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac, here I have listed them for you:

  1. It asks you to download a bunch of other extra software along with it but you have the option to decline so it’s not so bad.
  2. After installing and using you will notice that there is a bit of persuasion towards getting the paid version of AllYoutube2MP3 for Mac but in all honesty if you are used to using free software then you won’t even notice it.

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