AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows FAQ

q: I’ve downloaded hundreds of YouTube videos in dozens of different folders. How can I import them all at once instead of selecting them one by one?

A: You are allowed to add multiple files in multiple folders. Under “Video/Audio Converter” tab, click “Add” and you can use “Add Folder” or “Add Folder Tree” to input your video files in different folders or different partitions.


Q: How can I download HD and 4K YouTube videos?

A: After you add the URL, AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows will analyze all the available versions of the video. On the right of the video thumbnail, you can see a “Format” menu. Click on it and choose the HD or 4K format you want. Please note that you can’t directly download the video in a format that is not provided YouTube, but you can download the video in some other format first, then convert it into the target format you want with AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows.

Q: Why the videos I downloaded end up in different formats?

A: By default, AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows will download the best quality available. However, sometimes there are only lower-quality versions provided. That’s why you’re getting different formats due to different qualities. If you want video in the same format, you can manually choose it from the “Formats” menu.

Q: When I try to download Facebook video, why it asks for ID and password?

A: You need a Facebook account to log into Facebook to get access to the video. You are allowed to add the Facebook username and password by clicking the “Password” button. Then when you start download, AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows will automatically log in.


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