How to Download Video from YouTube?


Sometimes you may have a capped mobile broadband data plan for streamed high-quality video on YouTube or you suspect that the video you like is about to disappear. So you will appreciate the ability to download YouTube videos for offline use. With AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows, downloading videos from YouTube couldn’t be easier. It allows you to download online videos from YouTube and many other websites with just a click of button.


Download AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows


Step 1. Input Video URL

Input the URL in “Fast link add” bar and choose the link type from “Link type”, then click “Add”.


Input Video URL



Click “Add Link” and there you input URL in any of the ways mentioned below:

Add a link – add a single link
Add links in batch – add multiple links
Add playlist – add a video playlist
User – add a user
Add playlists – add multiple video playlists
Users in batch – add multiple users
Import links from a text file – Load a text file with video URL(s)

To download videos from those sites which require logins, click “Password” to enter the site, username and password.


Input Video URL



Step 2. Choose Output Format

When the URL has been loaded, you will find the links of all video formats from the certain site listed in the dropdown menu of “Format”. The video thumbnail and some detailed info like resolution, codec, frame rate, size, etc. are also provided. Choose the format your need.

Click folder icon in the “Output directory” bar to choose an output folder. In the menu of “Post-download action”, you can specify some actions when the download id finished.


Choose Output Format


Step 3. Start Video Download

Click “Download” to start video download. After the process, just click “Open Output Folder” or “Open” to find the downloaded videos directly.


Start Video Download



Click “Update download engine” – “Get the latest version” to keep the download engine up-to-date.

Click “Settings”, there you can set max parallel downloads; download audio when a “DASH” video is selected; don’t download again if local file contains the same video; don’t load thumbs; play a sound when download is done; check updates on start.



More Settings

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