All2MP4 for Windows FAQ

q: I’ve downloaded a movie but the video goes out of sync with the audio. What should I do?

A: Input the video with syncing problem, and double-click on it to prompt the preview window. You can set the audio delay value at the bottom. Then click save delay values. It can also help you solve the subtitle syncing problem. But currently, many video player applications provides real-time audio delay.


Q: I want to add use my video to create a music compilation but I don’t want the audio. Can I mute the video?

A: Yes, you can. Before conversion, at the left bottom of the program, you can see the “Audio Codec” menu. Click on it and choose “None” so that the resulting video will be silent.


Q: I’ve got an upside-down and laterally reversed video and how can I fix that?

A: With All2MP4 for Windows, you can use the Rotate feature to solve the “upside-down” problem and Flip feature to fix the “laterally reversed” issue.


Q: I want to keep the original video’s frame size. How can I do that?

A: At the bottom of the program, you can see the “Video and Audio Options”. Click on it to open the “Codec Options” window in which you can find a “Common sizes” menu. Choose the option “Original” on the top.


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