AllYoutubeDownload for Mac FAQ

Q: Accordion Panel

A: Possible reasons here: unsupported video format (you can select another format or quality to download); wrong URL syntax or typing mistakes (check the URL you paste/type and make sure the “http://” is included); regional restriction (use proxy or VPN).

Q: Why sometimes the downloaded videos are in unknown type?


A: Usually if you download from the most popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc., AllYoutubeDownload for Mac will set the video format correctly. If you download video from some other sites that don’t use normal formats to store videos, or the downloaded video’s name lack the extension, you will have to find out which video format it is. Open it in Notepad to check the first line, looking for the existence of “flv” or “mp4”. You can also use universal media player applications like VLC and Potplayer to try to player it and check the media info with their tools.

Q: I see subtitles in some video. How do I download the subtitles?


A: Under the “Subtitles” tab in “Options” window, you can choose the subtitle you want to download if it’s available. Please notice that some videos come with subtitles embedded and you can’t download subtitles like that.

Q: What should I do if I want to download all the videos of a user?


A: To download videos of a user or from a certain channel is somewhat like to download a single video – just paste the URL. Typically, the link of YouTube user is like; the link of YouTube channel is like Just copy it from your browser and paste it into AllYoutube2MP4 for Windows, which will download all the video of this user/channel one by one.


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