How to Convert YouTube Videos on Mac?



There must be times when you need to convert YouTube videos you download to other needed formats, although YouTube supports a wide variety of the range of video and audio formats. For example, the downloaded FLV videos from YouTube need to be converted to other formats to best fit your needs for playback on any devices. With AllYoutubeDownload for Mac, you can download videos directly to the video or audio format you need within just a click of button!


How to Convert YouTube Videos on Mac




  • AllYoutubeDownload for Mac is absolutely free software to download any video from YouTube. Different from other software, it’s never full of “extras” like registration, paid version or paid functions.
  • No one hopes the software they download is bundled with any third-party plug-in or something worse like virus, spyware or malware. From now on, you can be assured that AllYoutubeDownload for Mac is totally clean and safe to use.
  • AllYoutubeDownload for Mac is fairly easy to use. The YouTube downloading process is practically a breeze. As it never provides any steep learning curve, even beginners will not feel frustrated. Just copy the video URL from your browser and click “Download” button. That’s it!




How to Convert YouTube Videos on Mac


Step 1. Paste URL of YouTube Music Video


After AllYoutubeDownload for Mac has been launched, paste the URL you copied from the video page in the box of “Paste Your Video URLs below”. To convert multiple YouTube music videos in batch, just paste their URLs in the box (one link per line).


Paste URL of YouTube Music Video


Step 2. Choose Output Format


Before conversiion, you need to choose a output format for the downloaded video. Click “Options – Video” and in the dropdown menu of “Video Format”, choose a video format as the output format.


Choose Output Format


Step 3. Start Conversion


Now, click “Download” to start the download and conversion process. For progress control, there are some details like title, extension, size, percent, ETA, speed and status provided.

If you have some other needs, go to find these advanced tools listed below:

Playlist: download video playlist and set max download;
Output: options for output file name (ASCII, ID, Title);
Subtitles: download subtitle file by language/all available subtitles/automatic subtitle file;
Filesystem: open destination folder, write description to file, write thumbnail to disk, etc.;
Shutdown: choose to shutdown computer when conversion is finished;
Authentication: password and username inputting for video sharing websites or videos;
Connection: use proxy for connection;
Localization: choose localization language.


Start Conversion




All-in-all, AllYoutubeDownload for Mac is a free, super fast and easy to use YouTube downloader program for Mac users. It provides advanced functions for handling your conversion tasks. There are diversified YouTube video quality and output formats to benefit your video downloading. You can not see even a flaw in it and it has more potential that you can explore. If its purpose is to be something of interest to you, there is no reason why you don’t give it a try. From now on, just use this free and quick way to get all your favorite YouTube videos directly on your portable devices!



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