All2MP4 for Mac – FAQ

Q: How can I add some copyright info to my video?

A: After you input the video, click “Video Filters (Overlay Text)” tab. You can insert your copyright info or any other textual content. It also allows you to set the position with X & Y coordinates as well as font, color and size.

Q: I can’t play the output video, why?

A: The possible reasons are: Your media player or device may not support the format of the resulting file; the file may be broken due to bad frame or coding error in the original video.

Q: Can All2MP4 for Mac remove the iTunes DRM from the video?

A: All2MP4 for Mac/Windows does not support removal of iTunes DRM. Please note that DRM removal is illegal in some countries.


Q: Is there a bigger previewer window to watch the video?

A: After you input the video, you can use the built-in previewer to watch the video. However, there is no bigger window. You can set the exact time to jump to the point you want. We suggest you use your video player if you want to watch the video in a big window.


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