Best Christmas Movies for Kids and Families

Christmas is so important to us: we love to stay together and share the happiness of the whole year with families, showing them how much you love them and care for them. If you are looking for some movies to watch for Christmas holidays, here are some excellent choices for your family members of any age.


Home Alone



“Home Alone” is a 1990 comedy movie directed by Chris Columbus. The story is about Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin), a young boy who’s mistakenly left due to a series of wrong choices when his whole family goes to Paris for Xmas vacation. Then Kevin has to stay home alone, facing two villains who know his families are away and try to steal from his house. Kevin then beat these two dumb burglars with his smart tricks. Under the help of his neighbor, a kind old man, the thieves are finally arrested by cops. All his families come back from Paris ahead of schedule and reunite with him and then they spend a happy Christmas.

I was so young when I watched this movie for the first time and then I even got an FC game of it(so hard that I can’t even pass the first level). Lately I enjoyed it with my boy and my wife – it’s one of the happiest things to see him laughing out loud & giggling from time to time. We all know what happens to Macaulay Culkin later: drug. It’s a sad story that a talented boy got ruined in every way by drug addiction (remember the boy who rapped in Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White“?). Fortunately he got his health and happiness back again lately and now he’s making some great memories with his Asian girlfriend, former Disney star Brenda Song.

“Home Alone” is a kid movie but it includes some inappropriate language like ass, damn, bitch, hell, sh*t, etc.; it also includes violence; in one scene Kevin finds an issue of Playboy in his brother’s room but doesn’t show any interest. Except these parts, most of the movie is fine so if your kids are over 10 years old or you think they can handle some swearing and violent pranks & traps, “Home Alone” can bring much fun for quality time. When watching this movie, remember to tell your kids and make sure they understand why they should not mimic Kevin’s behavior in real life.

In 1992, the sequel, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” came and it’s basically a carbon copy of “Home Alone”. Still very funny and if your kids love Kevin McCallister and his tricks, you should not miss this one. There are also 3, 4 and 5 (all with different actors and characters) the first two are the best. BTW, the hot “Black Widow”, Scarlett Johansson, was in 3.



Jingle All the Way



“Jingle All the Way” is a 1996 comedy movie directed by Brian Levant. The story is about how a busy father (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) , the head of a company who barely has any time for his son (played by Jake Lloyd) & wife in favor of business, struggles to get a toy (a Turbo Man doll) as Christmas gift for his boy as promised.

Well, I’ve watched almost all Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and “Jingle All the Way” is one of his most hilarious acting (only the smile of terminator can beat this one). Watching a dumb fathers fighting each other to buy a toy can bring much fun, kinda like Black Friday. Some say it’s too realistic, material and over-commercialization, with no Christmas spirit because the fathers are trying to buy their child’s love. But admit that: younger kids will love these action, car chases, explosions, etc. and remember, it’s the parents’ duty to teach them how to love people. In my opinion, this movie actually lampoons the materialism’s ridicule and craziness. It kinda reminds me of one lyric in Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” – “Men grow cold as girls grow old”. I don’t think this song’s profound meaning is about encouraging girls to go material; it’s more about showing us how precious true love is and how hard to find and maintain it.



The same, “Jingle All the Way” is providing a good takeoff point for discussing the “lack of caring” and “materialism” issue in a meaningful way. Enjoy with your kids instead of letting them watch it alone.


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