How to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone [Mac]

YouTube has been part of our lives. As the largest video-sharing website, YouTube allows people to post video clips of their life, funny scenes they have shot as well as video tutorials on it for sharing with others. Also, they can watch viral sensations and high-definition music video there. That’s why it has millions of users around the world. This articles is going to focusing on some methods to download Music from YouTube to iPhone on Mac so that YouTube users can store their beloved video to enjoy without network.


How to Download Music from YouTube to iPhone


However, more and more people love the convenience of watching YouTube Music video on our iPhones and there is only one way to do that is downloading them. The article below introduces several ways to download music from YouTube to iPhone and you can always find the most suitable one.


1. Use Browser Add-on


Though there are dedicated programs for YouTube video download, most of them require multiple steps and may throw much confusing information at users. With browser add-ons, you will never be bound to things like system requirements or platforms. If the OS you’re using on your computer can run a Web browser, you can find a plugin to download videos. Browser add-ons only hit you with the stuff you need to know without any useless info. Here we treat Firefox as your preferred browser and here is how to use its extension to download whatever YouTube video you want.


Use Browser Add-on


Open Chrome and go to Then, type “YouTube Video Downloader” in the search box and press Enter. Then, you can see four tabs on the screen and go to “Extensions” tab. Find the Chrome extension called YouTube Video Downloader. Click on the blue button labeled “Free +” and click “add” to add the YouTube Video Downloader extension. Then, go to and find the video you want to download. Click “Download Video” and go to the new browser tab and select the download quality. Now, click on the “Download” button to start download. When it’s finished, you can see the downloaded video at the bottom left corner of the Chrome window.


2. Download Music from YouTube to iPhone on Mac with Mac YouTube DOwnloader


You may find that there are not many free YouTube downloaders for Mac out there that you can pick from. Because some of them are really slow at downloading and others contain malware, virus or ads, or you’ve got quite confused to use them. Don’t be upset, there is always one program will not let you down. AllYoutubeDownload for Mac is just the one that can download online videos from YouTube and other 300+ sites with high output quality. It can batch download media files with fast speed and the workflow just as easy as the following steps.


Download AllYoutubeDownload for Mac


Step 1.

Paste the URL in the large box of “Paste Your Video URLs below”. For batch downloading, paste the URLs one link per line.

Paste URL of YouTube Music Video

Step 2.

Click “Options” and go to the “Video” tab to choose a format from “Video Format”.


Choose Output Format


Step 3.

Click “Download” to start the process. Depending on how many videos you download, you need to wait until it’s finished.

Start Conversion

3. All2MP3 for Mac to Convert YouTube to MP3


YouTube is a great place to watch music videos and discover new artists. But what if you want to enjoy only the music on your iPhone or other portable devices? Luckily there is All2MP3 for Mac that you can use to convert any streaming media from YouTube to the most popular format like MP3. It is light in size and has the ability to convert media files into MP3 with top quality. Now, you can make ringtones out of your favorite music videos from YouTube or add those MP3 files to your music collection. Just follow the below steps to get your dream come true!


Download All2MP3 for Mac


Step 1.

Click “Add” or use drag & drop to input video files into the program window.

Input Video Files

Step 2.

Drag the slider on the slider bar of “Quality” to choose the quality level (Less, Middle, Good, Super). If needed, click the red button at the right corner of “Quality” to select bitrate. Then, use the red button of “Change all Paths” to choose an output folder.

Specify Output Quality


Step 3.

Click “Convert” to start video to audio conversion.

Start Conversion

4. Other Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to download Music from YouTube to iPhone:

  • Today most of us use Cloud services to store our data and files including video files for easy access. To get those video files on your iPhone, all you have to do is log in your storage account and download them to your iPhone. Most commonly used Cloud services are Dropbox, Google Play Music and Amazon Music.
  • VLC, as a local media player, doesn’t write data to the iOS library. It saves all the files in the app storage. You can transfer files by dragging and dropping with your web browser and WiFi.
  • Music streaming apps can keep you updated with new songs. Apple Music is one of them which can refresh its content often. You can download music for offline listening if you’ve got enough storage. The downloaded songs can only be used for listening not for transferring.


Other Alternatives




That’s all for how to download music from YouTube to iPhone. The above alternatives are fully capable of satisfying your needs without much effort but with 100% security. So why not give them a try and you will absolutely find the best method.

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