Funny YouTube Videos: Superheroes Who Could Sing

There are more and more superheroes showing their abilities these days on our screen and most of them are portrayed by very talented actors and actresses. Here we’ve collected some superheroes on screen who can sing like a charm.




“Supergirl” is a superhero action-adventure TV series based on the DC Comics character Supergirl, created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino and played by Melissa Benoist. I believe some of you may have watched the 1984 British movie “Supergirl” and been waiting for a remake on television since then. I think Melissa does a great job to bring this character back on TV screen again. This sunny girl was born in 1988 but she looks much younger than her age. She does a great job beating villains with her strong fist – I have to admit it’s fun to watch a girl fighting various aliens in a “manly” way. She works as a journalist (kinda like his cousin Clark) in normal days, a nice and warm girl she is. Let’s see how she fights the Season 4’s “Boss” Reign (although she got beat up pretty bad this time).



Melissa Benoist used to be “Marley Rose” on the seasons 4 and 5 of “Glee”, a musical comedy-drama TV series on the Fox network from 2009 to 2015. This season is about Marley Rose, a student with low self-esteem at William McKinley High School and a member of Glee Club, who aspires to be a singer on the radio. Melissa sings and dances a lot in this series. I’m pretty sure you wanna see that if you are into Supergirl.



If you are craving more songs from Glee by Melissa, check this playlist. BTW, the previous Supergirl in 1984 movie, Helen Slater, plays the role of Supergirl’s Earth mother. 1984 version is not a great movie in many ways but Helen Slater was so gorgeous; compared to Melisa’s Supergirl, she is milder and more “ladylike”.





“Flash” is a superhero action-adventure TV series based on the DC Comics “Flash” character Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin, who is a superhero crime-fighter (metahuman) with the power to move at super speeds. Flash was my favorite superhero when I was a little boy and I like the way he runs, turning the things around him into lines, colors and movement, which gives me the excitement that nothing can compare. I also like Sonic Hedgehog and Quicksilver but Flash is the best in my opinion and I even got a Flash T-shirt. Let’s see how he runs to fight the villains. Grant Gustin portrayed well and actually I think his appearance fits Flash better than Ezra Miller in 2017 movie “Justice League”, who looks like a thin Ironman with a weird heave on the back side of the helmet. Flash’s most threatening bosses are mostly speedsters like him and a tip for Flash fans: the old “Flash” played by John Wesley Shipp from 1990 TV series portrayed Barry’s father (and the doppelganger from Earth-2).



Grant Gustin also played the role Sebastian Smythe on “Glee” from 2011 to 2013 and let’s see how he sings and trust me many girls may even love him more after watching this.



Flash and Supergirl finally got a chance to perform together in a crossover episode and how you can’t find anything more entertaining than this. These two are so cute, I mean, watch that tap dances, and the lyrics are hilarious!




Hawkeye in “Avengers” is an arrow-shooting hero, a character based on Marvel comics played by Jeremy Renner. As a “no-superpower” superhero, he’s very much like DC’s Green Arrow. Let’s take a look at how Hawkeye beat the villains and aliens with his arrows and martial arts. In fact, he does a much better job in the Avenger movies than incompetent Batman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” when they are fighting against Doomsday (maybe I should not bring Batman up because he does have the superpower named “super rich”).



Let’s look at how Hawkeye sings about his “superpower”. Jeremy Renner’s voice is charming and perfect for a song like this and the lyrics are hilarious.



And if you are into Jeremy Renner or Hawkeye, here’s his singing compilation – this man could make a talented singer!



Black Widow


Now that I put Hawkeye in the list so why not add his close work partner, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. We all know how hot Scarlett
is and with her great personality, she’s one of the most wanted female actresses in Hollywood. I know you guys couldn’t forget the sexiest fighting scene ever presented by her Black Widow in “Iron Man 2”, right?



In 2016 animated movie “SING”, Scarlett Johansson voiced Ash and let’s listen to how this porcupine singing “Set It All Free”.



But I think that’s not her best performance. My favorite Scarlett song is the one at the end of 2016 adventure movie “The Jungle Book” and she voiced the enormous snake, Kaa. In this scene she asks Mowgli to trust her but she just wants to eat him – a very creepy scene that gives me goosebumps. However, Scarlett’s voice is so attractive.



I know most of you don’t look at the closing credits after the story but that’s where Scarlett sing a weirdly charming song, “Trust In Me” with her snake voice.



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