All2MP3 for Mac FAQ

Q: How can I better audio in higher quality?

A: You are allowed to choose higher bitrate and/or sample rate values than the rate of the original audio. But you should know that basically the sound quality depends on the quality of the original audio. If you have an original audio in really poor quality, rendering it won’t do much except for getting the resulting file bigger.

Q: How much time does it take to convert a video file into MP3?

A: Our All2MP3 for Mac/Windows is one of the fastest free MP3 converter around. It takes 5 to 15 seconds to finish a conversion task in average. However, this may vary according to the length and size of the video/audio file as well as the capability of your computer and hardware/software configurations.

Q: Where am I supposed to find the converted MP3 files when I use All2MP3 for Mac to convert a file?

A: After you click “Add”, you can click the little red round button on the left of “Change all Paths” to choose an output folder. You can see the default output folder there. You are also allowed to change the folder. When the conversion is finished, you can find your converted audio in the folder you set.


Q: When I convert video to MP3, the MP3 file I get is shorter than the source video, why is that?

A: This problem may be caused by the ultra-low quality of the audio in the source video. You can set higher bitrate before conversion to improve the result.


Q: Why does your converter software fail to convert my files?

A: There are many possible reasons for that:

The original file is damaged;
The original file is protected by DRM;
Some codec error occurs inside the file;
The converter can’t recognize the original file format.

To solve your problem, you can send us an email at and attach the file that can’t be converted. We’ll get back at you soon.


Q: Why I can’t convert my iTunes music?

A: Some songs and music you purchase from iTunes store are encrypted by DRM (Digital Rights Management). All2MP3 for Mac/Windows does not support DRM-protected file. Apple abandoned DRM for all music on iTunes in 2009, but still, there are video contents that are DRM-protected.


Q: I want to convert an MP4 video to another video format. Can All2MP3 do that?

A: All2MP3 for Mac/Windows can convert video/audio format into audio formats ONLY. If you want to convert a video file, you should use this software: All2MP4 for Mac/Windows. It can convert video, including MP4 video, to many other video formats.


Q: Can I convert multiple audio files all at once?

A: Some free converters may limit you to only 1 file at one time, but not us. Of course you can – just drag all the files you want to convert into All2MP3. The process is just the same as you convert a single file.


Q: How can I get the pure audio out of a video file so that I can play it on music players?

A: To extract audio from video is one of the main features of All2MP3. You can follow the guide on this page to get the video converted to audio. In fact it’s the same as converting an audio file, just that what you import is video.


Q: Do I own the music I purchase? Can I convert them to use on my own website?

A: Owning CD albums or purchasing songs from iTunes store does not grant you the right to play them on your website for others. It is illegal. However, converting these music is completely legal as long as you don’t violate the terms and conditions of using them.


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